Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween in the US

Halloween is fun! That is all I want to say:-)

Cat Adoption Event

I love kittens! If you love kittens as I do and have plenty of room in your house for a homeless cat, you can consider to adopt a cat at the Cat Adoption Event which is held on the last Saturday of every month at the Market on State Street. Or just check this website 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Old Man and His Guitar

Frank McDermott, the owner of Blue Eagles Music on Court Street has been playing guitar for over 25 years.

Childish Ski

Jerry Ski firstly came to Athens in 1969 for his undergraduate study in general art. He then settled down in Athens after several years of post-graduation traveling. He opened the Ski's T-Shirt shop on Court Street in the 1970s, which is probably the oldest T-shirt shop in town. He designs and prints on the T-shirts. He says his biggest joy is painting and chasing women.

The Organist at Church

Monday, October 25, 2010

20-year-old Mormon Missionaries

Last Fridy, I followed two mormon missionaries as my assignment for the Dawn to Dusk project of VisCom. Patty and Jones are the only two mormon missionaries in Athens County, both of which are only 20. 

Never watching TV or reading newspapers to prevent distraction, they study the Bible in the morning and preach around in Athens County in the afternoon. What they do most is to knock on people's doors and ask if they are interested in knowing more about the mormon belief. They are self-funded to do the mission. Patty got some support from his families who are all mormons while Jones saved up to be a missionary. They will go back to college after they finish their mission.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deadline Assignment and the Vietnamese Nail Cosmetology

I didn't know that nail cosmetology has to get a license to work in the US. Things are very different in China--most nail cosmetology are young girls at their 20th in China. I have never seen a male cosmetology in China. I talked to my roommate about this and she says in America, if you are going to do a job related to human's body even the nails, you have to get a license to be qualified. Hmm, much more to know about this country~

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Football Game

A late post for my first time watching American Football.

To believe it or not, I was impressed by the total number of huge players of each team as well as the number of crazy watchers at the stadium. Football seems to be an interesting sports though sometimes pretty violent... Is there anybody who can tell me the difference between Rugby and American Football?

A Chinese Kitchen in Athens, OH

Hey guys, can you guess who is the cook for the dishes below?

You got it! I didn't realize that I would fall in love with cooking until I came to the US. Cooking shares some similarities with photography, both are fun and creative. Before I take a picture I would draw the picture in my mind while before cooking I would draw the taste!  There's almost nothing more pleasing than cooking out a dish with an imagined taste. :)